A Controlled Hunt win


May 12, 2005
I put the wife and I in for the Idaho unit 69 controled hunt regular antlered deer hunt this spring. As usual, not selected. I searched the IDFG website to find what tags were left over from prople not buying their tags by 1 Aug. There was one tag available for this hunt in the second chance drawing this month. I put in for it, expecting the usual results. I got a big surprise this morning when I went to check the status of my entry, "SELECTED". I now get to chase mule deer from 10 October till the end of November instead of the normal season of 10 - 24 October.
That great news, congratulations to you!

Fantanstic! Unit 69 has some giants...especially during the rut. Good luck, Rich!

What rifle/load is getting the call to action?
Your 7 RUM would be a good one!

Used to live out that way. This sounds like the beginning of a long and interesting story. I can't wait to read all about it.
Congrats on the tag Rich! That's pretty awesome you can chase them during the rut!
Well, it's looking like I'll be having tag soup again this year for elk and deer. Since 10 Oct, I have only seen bucks on private property that I don't have permission to access. I've been pack my 7mmRUM loaded with 150 ETs. :(
Well phooey.

I recently read an article - can't remember which publication it was in - that stated nearly 90% of deer are taken on private land... I think that's heavily slanted towards whitetail deer rather than mule deer, but I've sure seen a lot of deer, both types, on private lands. I've been happy to pay for the opportunity to hunt private land a number of times. I particularly appreciate the fewer numbers of hunters because of controlled access.

Better luck next season!