Nosler 25-06 115gr Ballistic Tip w/cannelure?

Mountain Goat

Dec 14, 2010
I just bought 2 boxes of Nosler ammunition in 25-06 with the 115gr NBT. I opened the boxes to inspect the rounds and noticed that they all have a cannelure. I remember loading these for the 25-06 years ago but do not remember them having a cannelure. Nosler's website even states that the 115gr NBT does not have one. What gives? Are these even 115 grain bullets? Are they blems that were loaded into retail ammo? I'll ask here first before contacting customer service.
Earlier this year I picked up 115 BT from SPS and they have a cannelure. I also have 120gr Part. overruns that also have a cannelure. I just wrote it off for factory crimping. I know Wby ammo with AccuBond and Partitions I’ve used in the past had a cannelure.
Some ammunition is loaded with a cannelure and some seconds/overruns will also.
Component firsts do not have a cannelure.

Thanks for the details! I did not buy seconds, nor does it specify such on their box. In fact, the images of both the loaded round and the component bullet lack a cannelure. This is, at best, misleading by Nosler. The inconsistency between components, seconds, and loaded ammo should be specified by Nosler. I did not get what was shown on the box. If these were $20/box, no sweat, but they were nearly 3 times that much.
The factory Nosler 115s always have the cannelure; always have. It's for the factory crimp. They perform just the same as without. I wouldn't worry about it.
In Nosler factory ammo, yes, that’s what I now understand. It still differs from the component bullets I’ve used over the years. The image is deceptive as well. No worries, I’ll gladly shoot them!
It's pretty common. Hornady interbonds intended for factory offerings have a cannelure, while the component bullets do not.