Nosler Ballistics App?


Oct 29, 2013
May be a bit behind the 8ball here but did they do away with the Nosler Ballistics App? I used to have it but it disappeared off my phone quite a while back and I can't find it anywhere in the Playstore. It was a nice one and am bummed.
If it is truly gone does anyone have any recommendations for another?

Thanks Guys

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It’s gone from the apple store too.

I do use the Hornady app for ballistics.

There are some really nice ones out there.

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I use Bullet Drop + or ABM’s. Either or work fine for me. Just depends on what I’m trying to do mostly.

I can’t remember seeing Nosler’s for quite some time now.
Noslers app hasn't been around for a while. I use JBM Ballistics and the Hornady apps. I print off the JBM and have it at the ready when verifying my drop charts or hunting.

I also use Nikon's Spot-on. It is free. Just pick any of their Nikoplex reticles. It will work with any plex reticle.
I use JBM for print outs and Shooter on the phone. There is very little difference in them.