Noslers new RDF 105 in the 243

There is a very handy stability calculator on the Berger website. Can plug in your bullet dimensions and atmospheric data. And if you are interested in learning Bryan Litz has some very interesting reading on bullet dynamics and has recently done some very interesting stuff with twist and stability and how it affects the ballistic coefficient.

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Clearly you need to get one of the new 1 in 8 twist 6mm Creedmoor's now to be able to use up those bullets ;)

I'm sure you won't have any trouble trading those bullets to someone with a fast twist 243 of some kind.
Actually Mike Sway from Nosler C'S,
Suggested they would probably swap them out
For us, still waiting to find out how?
Resurrecting an old thread.

Wanting to try shooting some longer range stuff (500-600 yds) Tried to convince myself to by a new rifle, but I have Rem 700 VLS in 243 with the barrel cut to 20 inches.

The Rem shoots great at 200-300 yds with 80 and 85 gr Sierras.

Sounds like I need to find some Hornady 105 HPBT. Seems they and many other 6mm target bullets are difficult to find

Plenty of Berger but concerned they might be too long for the factory Rem twist barrel?
you can run the bullet in the twist calculator . the one guy I shoot long range with has a 243 shooting 105 Bergers . it's pretty darned good at 1000 yards . I don't know his bbl twist , or other specs .

The Hornady 105 HPBT's will sneak through quite a few guns, even if they are lazy twisted. They are a good all arounder too. From 7.5 up to a few 10's they have done excellent.

This was a 10 twist 240…

I thought I scored on some Nosler 100 gr CC, ordered them two days ago from SPS, they are arriving tomorrow. Just looked back at the SPS website and realized they are 6.5 cal. Oops

Back to the drawing board in trying to find the Hornady 105's !!
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