Old Style Shoots Better


Apr 27, 2014
I am the happy recipient of about 200 old style Nosler 7mm 140 gr Partition bullets. Why the old ones? They shoot the lights out in my M70 7x57. I had a box and a half of the old ones and was astonished how well they shot so, I went looking for more. It seems some fellows hoarded these back and they had been sitting around doing nothing for decades and they sold them to me.

How about the new ones? don't know yet. I have a box to try but the old ones did so well I haven't even tried the newer ones yet. In case some don't know what I'm talking about, a pic of the old and new.(old on the left)

I believe when you get around to shooting the newer Partitions, you will be pleased. They perform quite well in my newer 7X57; and they have performed quite well in others that I've worked with in recent years. However, so long as you have a supply of the older ones, it would just be wrong to ignore using them.
Those old ones do look cool!

My boy ran the older 150 PTs for elk. Thy shot the same as new ones.