Posting Photos


Mar 23, 2017
Last couple of day I can’t seem to attach photos to update some of my threads. I click to download photo , when done no way to attach them. It just shows the words “The uploaded image”.
Sorry to hear that. I've had no problem, though posting did require a slight learning curve to discover which icon to click. The final icon on the centre set as you draft your post is a graphic of a mountain with the sun (or the moon) over the mountain. If you hover the cursor on that icon, it will inform you that it is to Insert Image (Ctrl+P). That should allow you to drag any image you want to post into the box and "Voila" Done.
Thanks for the advise Doc. , but I just do everything through my phone now. I been playing around with it , if I take a photo I can attach it just not from my photo library.
After downloading it use to show insert icon and a choice between Thumbnail or Fullsize.

I think I found my issue. The pictures I save through the SubMOA app I use to measure group size is the problem. Have to figure out what changed.
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