Powder Valley Prvi bullets


Aug 20, 2020

I just bought some of these at 139 grain should make a good deer round I have been watching for awhile they finally came in stock. As of now they have 7 left in stock if anybody else needing some hunting bullets in 6.5.
I use some of them in my 30-06, but only for the range.
They are simple, but shoot well in my Tikka.
Can't see why they shouldn't work in 6,5.
Norma Reloading just got a bunch of goodies in. I picked up some156 grain 6.5mm bullets. I've shot the Oryx in 30/06 and have to say they are there in quality with the Partitions for dropping game.

Now I am set for 6.5 I have a range of bullets starting at 100 grain Nosler BTs to these 156 grain heavies.
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