Funny thing about black powder, it seems that it is used for igniting all sorts of rockets and large weapon munitions and is used in smokeless powder and primers.
When DuPont's plant caught fire many years ago they decided not to rebuild it and Hodgdon picked up the slack with their plant in the south and they had an explosion that closed that plant luckily someone else is planning to rebuild it since Hodgdon said enough and abandoned the idea of rebuilding it.
Back when the Gov cut back on defense spending many years ago there was 5 companies making black powder in this country but was forced to close due to lack of funding and the majority of black powder is made in other countries and is imported to the US.
This is one of the major reasons we have a shortage of primers and powder for reloading.
Saw some kits for sale with premeasusered components to allow you to make your own black powder.
Thinking about adding a couple to my stockpile for when I can’t find black powder. Being that the kit allows you to make your own black powder it comes out to $13/pound.

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