RADD- Rifle Addiction Deficit Disorder


May 12, 2007
I confess,but I'm glad to hear that I share this disease with many of you.In fact,just yesterday,my FFL called me on a new arrival!!!!!!!I caught the disease in the summer of 2008.It was the first case of RADD I've had in about fourteen years.I had to see my FFL three times that summer.Then in January of 2009 it started all over again.I had three visits to the FFL again in 2009.I found myself having to move guns of lesser value out of my safe to make room for the ones of greater value.I just could not stand leaving them out,so I bought another safe.I welcomed the security and the extra room.My addiction has gotten much worse since the new safe has been added,I've had to see my FFL seven times this year!!!!!!!!!!Now both my safes are full,I buy powder in 8lb jugs,primers by the thousands,bullets by the hundreds and sooooo many to pick from too,brass by the hundreds and the list of misc. items goes on and on.So guys I feel your pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6mm Remington

Ammo Smith
Feb 27, 2006
Now TXbaldhunter that's funny. If any of you have read any of Patrick McMannus you have to get his book that has the story called "Gunrunning Past Your Wife", or just "Gunrunning" His stories are a short few pages of different adventures he had growing up both imagined and real. Somehow I could see this one having a lot of truth to it! :p I will not give it away what by telling even a portion of the story, but it is MUST READ for every one of us on this site!! Yes it is that good and buying his book with just this story in it for just this one story is worth it! :mrgreen:

sask boy

Ammo Smith
Nov 4, 2007
Well I started to get a grip on this disease and actually placed 2 rifles and a number of different components up for sale. I had a number of so called sales but each one fell through. When I asked it to go COD the buyer backed out and the other deals seemed good until I accepted their offers and then they attempted to low ball me:mad:. So I have decided to let my boys sell off my supplies and rifles once I leave to live in paradise;)!!



Nov 8, 2006
Sounds quite reasonable, Dan. Hey, where you been keeping yourself? Haven't heard from you in a while. Good to see that you're still looking down on the grass rather than examining the underside.;)