Rebuilt 7 Mashburn Super

SJB358":3mz30cfb said:
jimbires":3mz30cfb said:
it's really fun when you're working with a rifle that just wants to shoot . one that shoots nothing bad , everything is good enough to great .

You aren’t kidding Jim. I’m kinda flailing finding a scope I like but I’m getting closer.

I know what you mean . I don't know if it's to many choices , makes us to picky or what . a few evenings ago , I had a couple out on the deck trying to check low light ability and I'm still not convinced . I struggle with getting hunting scopes . I can easily pick big , heavy , high magnification , tall turret scopes . I think the market has shifted to more tactical style scopes , and the manufacturers are filling that market .
You aren’t kidding about that. Plus, the couple scopes I love, aren’t available to purchase, so I’ve had to broaden my looking.