recovered 120 gr BTip


May 13, 2020
IMG_2348.jpgWas able to recover a 120 gr Nosler ballistic tip. Rifle was a 7-08. Deer was a doe at about 45 yards. She was looking straight at me. Shot went through the neck into the high chest and bullet was found in the back strap. She dropped dead right there. 57% weight retention. I am pleased.
Classic performance of a great bullet. Good recovery on your part.
Guy, unfortunately the front half of one backstrap had to go in the grind pile. I was able to salvage most of it though!!
Excellent bullet performance, sorry to hear part of the tasty backstrap got ruined.
I'll be using this bullet, but in 6.5mm, this season on a deer / hog,,,hopefully.
The 7mm 120 gr BT gave you text book performance.
Congratulations on the deer.

This deer season is my first experience with the 7mm 120 gr ballistic tip, after 6 deer killed, I will say it time and time again, I would feel comfortable taking this bullet up against any deer in North America.
I like to find a bullet every now and again. Id like to try some 120 gr'ers out of my 7-08 but can't find them right now. Maybe they'll show up in a few weeks.
Tough way to catch a bullet account of the meat loss but proves that 120 BT is up to the job. Dan.
I've been shooting these at deer for nearly 30 years. Never had to fire a second shot. And all were short tracking jobs... most only about 30inches, vertically.