Refinished Boyd’s Heritage Stock


Apr 7, 2019
I didn’t care for the satin finish on the Boyd’s stock I put on my 7mm RM TC Compass II. Sanded it down to bare walnut. Put 6 coats of Helmsman Teak Oil on it, wet sanding with 600 grit paper between coats after it dried. It didn’t turn out too shabby. A durable gloss finish with a drying Teak Oil worked pretty well. Now it looks as good as the half inch groups it shoots. I haven’t did any polish work on it either. I’m not sure I need to. I still have to clean the dust out of the stippling, but other than that I think I like it.2D5F1BFC-F32E-4E50-AA0C-6F6B299AFB85.jpeg6CE5A383-30BF-493C-8EC5-9764EFD8CBC4.jpeg
Very nice. She shoots as good as she looks.

Fine work on your part. The rifle looks good and it clearly produces some fine accuracy.