Boyd's Laminate Stocks


Jan 22, 2015
I already know there are lots of mixed reviews on these and basically, you get what you pay for. With that in mind, the Boyd's stocks are almost the only replacement stock for my new 783 (and I knew that going in). I really don't mind risking $100 on one if it turns out bad, but to start putting features on it that make it how I want it (better recoil pad, checkering etc) the price starts creeping up to $200.

Anyone get one of these recently and have problems with it? Is the 1/2" recoil pad that comes with it any good? I think spending $17 for them to put on a 1" limbsaver is probably the way to go. Once I get the barreled action fitted to the stock, I think it makes sense to put on a final coat of satin poly at least on the bare wood spots. Thanks for the info.

Bret, I'd do it all day long. Boyds makes good stocks, if you know going into it you may have to work at it a little, then you'll be good.
I've always heard good things about Boyd's stocks. If I was in need of a stock and had access to a Boyd's, I wouldn't be overly concerned. I've shot several rifles stocked with a Boyd's, and all did quite well.
I've had great experiences with Boyd's stocks on Rem 700s and Savage bolt action slug guns. Install pillars and bed action and recoil lug and you're ready to go. Just remember to seal any wood you remove while inletting small areas to fit.

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I'd go with a McMillan or Bell & Carlson but that's just me.

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I love my BC medalist on my M70, but they don't make them for the 783, yet. Maybe I should send them or Stocky's an inquiry... If they've got plans, I'm in no real hurry.

The stock the 783 came with is pillar bedded and free floated, but the fore end isn't very stiff. Certainly, not as stout as my T3 Lite. That one I don't worry about at all. I want to see how the 783 does at the range in stock form anyway. But I know I'll replace the stock soon. Cabela's had it on sale for $259, and Remington has a $40 rebate on top of that. I put a $100 Nikon buckmasters 2 3-9x40 scope on it with bdc recticle. Eventually, one ofy kids will get it.

Bret I only have one experience inletting a "VIP" stock. It was not done well by Boyds. When the action was sitting in the stock, the barrel was touching one side of the barrel channel, with a huge gap on the other side. It took some time, but I was able to remove a bit of the tang area that was too high, thus settling the barrel into the channel properly.

My stock sounds like the same as the one you are contemplating. Mine has the thin black Boyds pad on it. The rifle is a 270 so the recoil isn't bad enough to warranty a big cushy pad, plus when I shoot at the range I always wear a PAST pad now. I also checkered it myself, and now I really like it.

I would buy another Boyds stock, they are good quality for the money....
I put in a call to both Bell and Carlson and Stocky's. Neither place knew of any plans to come out with a new stock for the 783, but they usually come out with new stocks in March. So we'll have to wait and see I guess. I'll get a Boyd's before then. I'm guessing if they keep having these on sale for around $250, they will sell a bunch of them and more people will want a better stock for it. Next, I need to get it to the range and actually shoot it. Will post a report and try to post pictures when I do. Thanks for the input guys.