Magazine binding in laminate stock

Looks like everything worked out well after all.
I’ve been doing the webbing look on the stocks I paint to give texture for grip. That sponge look is something I’m going to look into.
He wanted more black and I think it was the right call. Also painted the barrel and action with a flat black paint with ceramic in it that we use on electric motors that go in harsh environments (chemical exposure, heat/steam, salt.) And baked it on in the bake oven at the shop. Its extremely durable, and heat resistant up to 600*.


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It does look quite nice. You've definitely done an excellent job on the rifle.
Thanks, Mike. Generally I wouldnt have put that much effort into an ill fitting, secondhand aftermarket stock, I would have just chucked it. But it was fun and educational solving the issue. And Nathan thoroughly enjoyed the process of “building up” his deer rifle. And in the end it’s a tough, good shooting and nice looking rifle that should stand up to the elements and a young kid.