Remage or tradional rebarrel?


Dec 2, 2010
I have a Rem 700 I would like to rebarrel to 7-08. I have most of the tools to put on a prechambered screw on barrel. At the end of the day, it would be about $600 to get a 22" barrel on the action if I did it myself. I could also send it to a respectable company and have them spin on a new barrel for about the same. So, do I do it myself and tinker with the project or do I send it in and have them do it? Thoughts or ideas?
I do my own because I cannot abide waiting a year plus for a gunsmith thread and chamber job that takes half a day after a 6-8 week wait for the barrel. Prefits are fine, barrel nuts work great.

A factory Remington barrel can be a real bugger to get off.
What brand barrels are you talking about?
If you're not in a big hurry, it might be worth the wait.

I assume you have to relieve the stock for the BBL nut . can you do this , or will you need to wait for a gunsmith .
My gunsmith did one for me several years. He had a new MR take off put it on my action for 200 bucks. Sure it would cost more now.
I did McGowan Remage rebarrel recently and it worked well. The learning curve wasn't that bad, there are several good videos on YouTube to watch to get the process figured out.

My feeling is that if you are going to just do one, get a professional rebarrel done because the cost of the action wrench, barrel vise, and barrel quickly catch up to a rebarrel cost. I would expect a professional barrel replacement would potentially be slightly more precise than a Remage barrel. But having the ability to rebarrel at home without a lathe is pretty cool.

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A McGowan Remage prefit barrel would be less than $450 to your door unless you add options to it. If you have the tools to do it , this would be a satisfying project to do on your own. I’ve done a couple of Howage prefits for my son and was straight forward. Not sure on Remington barrels but Howa’s are a bugger to brake loose.
I have the wrenches already. I'm looking at a Criterion 7-08 barrel. They have a 24", 1:9 twist sporter barrels in stock.
I have four Rem 700’s all long action. Three of the for are built on Remage barrels. IMHO it is the way to go.

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