savage question and a price check......

Shoot it with 105 grain bullets and you'll out distance the old .250 by quite a bit. I love both cartridges but the .243 has more legs to go the distance in the end.
So .... The 243 savage sits in the safe. Looking for opinions....should I re barrel to my favorite 250-3000 which I must reload for (if I will have opportunity too again is an open question) or leave it as a 243 AND BUY AMMO OFF THE SHELF AT ANY WALMART. I do like that aspect. However the 250 si my pet, and I di enjoy shooting the one I have. Also the re barrel could be easily a 250-3000 Ackley improved and that has a "cool Factor" (useless but cool- just sell it for a bigger gun) Guys' post about the rifle from his friend has me thinking..... What would you do? CL
CL, Savage made a Model 14 about 3-4 years ago that was chambered for the .250/3000. It had a nice walnut stock and nearly got me to buy one. I have always liked the .250/3000 Savage in a bolt action.
Keep the 243 and just get another for 250-3000. I have a Predator Max1 in 243 and with the Berger 105 Hybrids it's a tack driver. I worried about stabilization since that bullet is so long but was pleasantly surprised by it. The 90 gr bullets do superb as well. Me-I'd keep it as is.
Guess I shouldn't mention I rebarreled a Savage to a 250 AI and it shoots your moniker with 110 Accubonds at 2940? :grin: My brother shot it at 100 from a rest yesterday and a quarter probably would have covered 5 shots.
I have a thing about 250s also.
FWIW, do what you want. There are no flies on a 243 either. Fine cartridge.


Sorry I don't take quite as nice pics as some of the others. The nifty 250 is on the right.
Cost isn't nearly as bad as you would think CL.
Jim at Apache does a pretty good hunting barrel for a couple hundred. Sell the existing barrel and you're probably into the new one for less than 150.
Easy to put on. If you need tools, you can borrow mine. Headspace gauge, vise and wrenches.
You get the contour right, you can leave everything else the same if you like.
You want to pretty it up after that, the stock on the pictured one is a Bell and Carlson Medalist. You can google those for cost. The B & C Carbelite might be a hair less costly.
I also change triggers but that's just me.
I'll say again though, nothing at all wrong with a 243. Terrific cartridge. (I have a 6mm Rem though :grin: )
Regardless, enjoy. I'll bet that thing will shoot lights out as it is.