Scoped the 1895!

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Spent some time at the range today with Three Marlins (well, one is a Glenfield). What a great range session! I shot my all-time favorite rifle, the 22 cal Marlin 39A, the 30-30 Glenfield, and the new 45/70 1895, this time with the 2.5x Leupold scope.


I mounted the little 2.5x Leupold compact with QR rings on a Weaver base. When I detach the scope, I can clearly see and use the factory sights. In my experience, when the scope is replaced, the zero usually settles right back, or at least within one MOA of where it was before. The 2.5x Leupold is a jewel, my favorite scope for a lever action Marlin hunting rifle. It weighs only about 8 ounces, and has excellent eye relief, at 4.9" - which is terrific on a powerful rifle!




While zeroing the scope at 100 yards, I noticed that shots 3 & 4 had snuggled right up. Now mind you, I was using a rolled up sleeping bag to steady the rifle, not any kind of solidly planted rest.


And my last three shots, I called the first high, then steadied down and shot the last two. I'm thinking that with only a 2.5x scope, powerful loads, and the factory trigger... This thing is a shooter!


I put about ten rounds total through the rifle today. Load was what will become my standard hunting load:

Winchester cases
CCI large rifle primers
56.5 grains of IMR 3031
350 grain RNSP Hornady

For more pleasant shooting, I'll come up with a mild cast bullet load too.

Regards, Guy
Yes awesome Guy. That 45 70 looks sick with the scope

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ShadeTree":2nx2osj0 said:
Very nice Guy! Lot of fun shooting neat rifles, even better with good results.

Ya, I need to start loading that "mild" load soon! Sheesh!

And if you think about it, the rifle isn't even broke in yet!
I would agree with you Guy, you have a shooter right there.
Looks nice with the Leupold M8 2.5x scope!

I think I've got 16 rounds through it now. Pretty excited about having a big bore Marlin back in my life.

Kicks harder than I remembered! I don't think I'll be increasing the powder charge at all... :grin:

I suppose that I ought to chronograph the load, but it sure feels like "enough" for me! Hodgdon predicts right around 2,000 fps.

Put a Pachmyer Magnum Decelerator recoil pad on that rifle and it will take the beast right out of it.
I'm going to do the same with mine one of these days.

Ya, I've got a decelerator pad on each of my 375's. Very nice. That's a great recoil pad.

Guy, that looks like a great setup. Now, you just need to hunt with this fall.

NYDAN":2wb9towa said:
Guy, that looks like a great setup. Now, you just need to hunt with this fall.


Thanks! Bear season opens August 1st, and I do believe I'll be carrying the 1895 Marlin. :grin:

Outstanding results as usual!
Great groups!
Can't ask for anything better than that!
Congratulations on your 1895!

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That's the perfect scope for a rifle like that, those older fixed power Leupold's were nice scopes.
Guy, I can’t stand the thought of putting a scope on a lever gun, but if I ever do it’ll be a straight tube Leupold. I’m always amazed how accurate the big lever action calibers can be. When I do my part my .450 Marlin can cloverleaf a group off the bench at 100 yards. It’d be interesting to see what would happen with a scope. I still have what’s probably a lifetime supply of the Remington 405 grainers. Out of that short, light guide gun they are a thumper for sure. I actually throttled back the load I have for them to make it more enjoyable to shoot.
Guy that 45-70 looks to be all business :wink:.
Any day at the range is a good day in my books (y).

Nice, I have a leupold vIII 1.5-5 on my guide gun, but that might change to a 3x leupold I just picked up with german post #2 reticle. I love the small scopes of that style on marlins
Absolutely beautiful!

Got a Henry All Weather in 45-70, but I want a Marlin too; just like the look of them. Scope? Why not? Iron sights? Certainly! I suppose I'm just not enough of a purist; I just love shooting and whichever way makes you happy is just okay. (y)
Wow! Very cool Guy! You are motivating me to get my old 1895 out and dust it off some!