Shooting themselves in the foot.....


Sep 10, 2006
I usually make one or two trips a year to a local Sportsmans Wharehouse, No football to keep me occupied on sunday anymore..... I did note a variety of loaded Nosler ammo on the shelf. Little to no bullets. A box of Nosler custom 180gr 300 WSM was priced at $109 and change..... CL
i can't put myself to buy anything nosler anymore due to pricing...............glad i bought what i did when i did years ago..........most bullets i have are doubled in price from them. i guess it's a sell 1 for the price of 3 and forget the volume sales
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My local SW is getting low on supplies and overpriced also.
Our local SW reduced their overall inventory too. The aisles have gotten wider and several displays and shelves are empty. Hopefully they are just rearranging the layout and will restock.
A pound of IMR 4350 brings $75 around here. Primers are $10 per 100 if you can find them. Brass even for common top 10 cartridges is often non existent.

Make no mistake boys and girls, we never recovered from the last shortage and we will see another one this year, regardless of the outcome of the elections.
When Nosler started bagging up bullets in boxes of 50, ( charging double) we parted company............ I can kill a Bull moose or Elk just as dead with a 250gr Speer bullet as I can with a Nosler Partition, Or any other Nosler bullet. I still like Nosler bullets but just can't justify cost of them........