Sierra 160 gr SPBT Game King from mule deer

Guy Miner":186h0fpe said:
SJB358":186h0fpe said:
I’ll concede there are a few Sierras I like, the 225 .358 is a sure thing deer masher. Its all I’ll run in my pump 35 Whelen. Just causes a pile of trauma and big holes.

Awesome recovery Guy. It looks perfect.

Thanks Scotty - I'm impressed. The 160 Sierra is quite accurate and did a fine job on the mule deer.

I'm enjoying my stash of 7mm bullets, all of which (except for a box of 140 gr Accubonds) were bought 10 - 20+ years ago. :grin:

Turns out I also have three unopened boxes of 160 grain Nosler Partitions!

Regards, Guy

Yep, with that stash you're quite well suited to hunt quite alot.

I still keep gawking at the 1's... It's an itch.