Sierra 225gr gameking


Jun 28, 2012
Shot this at 50 yards out of my 358 STA went through four milk jugs and lodged in the 5th. Retained weight was 148 grains. My muzzle velocity is 3150 so I figured it hit going over 3000 fps. Not bad performance.
That is great for a Sierra. Usually they fly apart easily.
I figure I will use it for open country mule deer and elk this year I will give some more updates in a few months I hope.
I guess a little real world result are more interesting then milk jugs.
Very nice. I'm really surprised that bullet held up that well from the STA. That's a great looking recovery.
Me too. I would have expected a core separation at that speed.

I think lower speed is what causes the core to seperate more ofton. The jacket seems to expand faster than the core at lower velocities so the core sees less resistance than the now wide peddled jacket and gets spit out.
That looks better than I would have thought, should work well on even heavy animals.
Took a couple of antelope with my BLR in 358 with this bullet.
I've seen a lot of African animals and a few Alaskan moose as well as numerous elk shot with that bullet. They did the job on all of them.
If it is anything like the 215 gr 338 caliber GameKing bullet, then the jacket is made thicker than those of smaller caliber so to get better controlled expansion on these bullets at magnum velocities on larger game. I have used it in my 358 Win with good results as well. My BLR is just a little more accurate with the 220 gr Speer load than with the 225 gr SGK and NPT. But splitting hairs when we are talking 1.1" groups vs 1.3" groups in a lever gun with 1.5-5 Vari-X III.