Some repairs to my Dillon 550B press


Sep 13, 2012
G'Day Fella's,

I have owned and seriously used my 550B reloading press, for around 20 years now.
I'm an absolute fan of Mr Dillon's products (Pistol Dies, Primer Crimp remover etc) but especially his reloading presses!
Anyway, several thousand rounds ago, being short on spare time, I did a "Bogie Job" on the two screws that hold the primer tube and feed system in place (I'd stripped the threads and retapped them to a larger Metric size, then eventually stripped them as well.....D'oh!)!!!
This lasted for a while, but then came loose so out of desperation, I used some Mig welding wire (if your interested 0.9mm Dia), to hold this part in place.
OK sorry but I do have a few Farmer Mates (we call them "Cockies" down here), and that kinda stuff rubs off on ya, after being around them for a while!!!
So in the back of my mind, I've been thinking of how to fix this?
Buy a New one "Homer", I said to myself!
But with my skills, machinery and abilities.......that would be tantamount to Cheating so............
Anyway, eventually, I worked out in my head, What and How to repair this and here are some images that may be of assistance to some of you blokes.
I hope you can see where I set up the Aluminum part in the vise of my little EMCO Milling machine (Mill) and removed a 28mm segment out of this part, the drilled and tapped an M3 (Metric 3mm) hole for a retaining screw.

I then found a piece of 3/8" square key way Steel and set it up in the same Mill and reduced it to 7mm wide x 9mm high and then drilled Three holes and tapped the two outer hole to M5 (Metric 5mm), and counter bored the middle one.
I then cut this off with a hacksaw, to just longer 28mm, and then set it up back in the Mill and machined the rough end down until the overall length, was 28mm.
I then hand fitted this Steel insert into the now removed/missing segment of the base of the primer tube/feed system and tightened up the M3 retaining screw and Hey Presto!

Now I'm back up and Reloading again, and not being concerned about this anymore!!!

Hope that may be of some assistance to some of you good people.

Have to admire your "can do" sense of work, Homer. Excellent! My dad was a blacksmith with a reasonably complete machine shop; I always marveled at what he could do with a bit of ingenuity and his tools. Looking at your work, I'm taken back to those younger days of admiring the workman and his work.
After 30 years I had the same problem with my 550. Not having the tools necessary , I called Dillon and they replaced the part for free. Rick.
Great work Homer. I own 5 Dillon presses and one is a 450 that was converted to a 550 and I also have a 550B that I use for all sorts of things since I have multiple tool heads for it where the 450 doesn't have interchangeable tool heads and is permanently set up just to load .45 acp on it.
Along with three Square deal B's which are the only ones I have had problems with since I over tightened the head screws and pulled the helicoils out of the frame which Dillon repaired for free and paid the shipping also.
G'Day Fella's,

Thank You for the kind words!

Yes Mr Dillon's No BS back up on their product is second to none!
They really do set the standard in Customer Service!!!
Plus on top of that, their products are so bloody good anyway!