Suggestions for 1st deer rifle / youth gun

Dave don't worry about the savage quality as it has really been upgraded in the last 10 or so years.
To my eye they are a little ugly 8) but they shoot very straight.
The 7mm-08 is the ticket in my opinion!!

Lots of good advice here. Nothing new except to say that. good hearing protection and stock fit are really important. My messed up reflexes and bad shoulders mean recoil is my enemy. I had a 7mm-08 for a while but not reloading I was kinda stuck with 140 Gr bullets which hit back too hard for me. A shorter stock with a good pad would have helped. I have a 243 now ...which I havent shot much. Helped a buddy get his 12 yr old set up with a youth Axis in 243. Nice rifle. The little guy was keeping things in a 12in piece of paper sitting at 100 yds w/o much trouble first time out. Just shoot a lot with the .22 from as many field positions as you can. CL

Of course there is one option. A good old obsolete 250-3000 Savage is my pick. They work.... CL
Pertinent to what DrMike said, today is a fine era for gun owners. All of the process control, and quality engineering development work that has been poured into the firearm's industry in the past 30 years has paid off. It is hard to buy a bad gun from most manufacturer's today.