The all arounder/utility/truck rifle

I've kinda become enamored with the 6mm ARC lately. A 16" AR so chambered would tick off a lot of boxes for a truck gun for me. If it gets a little beat up, who cares? It's an AR. It's supposed to be a little scruffy. Throw on a relatively small suppressor, I'd think that would be mighty handy. It's not like I'm going to be relying on it to take a moose or elk. An LPVO in the 1-8x or 1-10x range works for a lot of guys who have a lot more stringent needs in a serious gun than I...
My choice is any rifle that you can load fast, feel comfortable shooting, holds zero well, and is in a caliber with a bullet that is adaquate for the game you plan to target. All of these are variable and subject to personal preference, as you can see from the responses you're receiving.
I have really become a fan of the Tikka CTR 223 with 75-77 grain bullets. Plenty of oomph for deer on down. I know folks will get twisted about using it, but if you have never tried it, a good 223 with a 77 TMK is very impressive.

Next would be a 6 ARC. Love that little case alot and again, with 105-108's is just a ripper. Either with a 20" or so barrel is really handy and offers alot of performance.
How did I miss this one? I'll bet by quantity, there are more 243's bouncing around in trucks than any other. Of course the best choice would be a 250 Savage,,,! Sorry had to... :D CL
I have a 22/250 under the seat of my truck. 8 twist loaded with 90 gr bullets @3000.
On wing strut of the Cub I have .243W but sometimes I reverse which gun is where. Both work equally well on winter Coyotes up to 50lbs.
Loved flying around in a cub. They are slow but you can land them on top of a tree. Every one I was ever in had a gun strapped to the strut.