The RIGHT Place


Jan 14, 2008
Spent the last two years with shooting / hunting on the back burner. My wife and I purchased raw property and building it into a home. About an hour out of town in Idaho with just a few years to work yet.
My son purchased 10 acres right next to me. Our nearest neighbors is 1 mile marker back on the road coming up the canyon. Whitetail is a constant view at any given time. This last Sunday we were taking a break after hanging 13 doors and trimming out, about 75% done. I'm calling for final inspection next week.
A herd of elk were in and out of timber about 800 yds away most of afternoon bedded down and feeding.

So here we are with abut 15 elk, well over a dozen deer from 50yds to xx feeding and bedded down, again about a dozen turkeys in the yard with a few toms all puffed up strutting their stuff.
Now to top it off - a bear shows it's self across the canyon rolling rocks on the small green open hill side. Only thing left were .. cats/lions. Well we had one growling / screaming about 300 yds from the house a couple weeks ago. It wasn't going to let the coyotes get it's fresh kill of two does.

Yep this is the Right place to retire.
JD338 - I grabbed some pics - I should have taken more during this build. Stick frame - 4' crawl - metal side - metal roof.
I'm hoping to in it next week.

Back Deck House Small.jpg
The windows and door from the "Great Room / Kitchen " on to the deck. Big 8' Slider and 5.0x6.0 windows.

Back Yard 02.jpg
View of back yard.
Drone Back Yard Small.jpg
Drone View of back yard.
Back Yard Deer 02.jpg
Ridge Snow 01 Small.jpg
Timber land 5 minutes from driveway.
Elk Shed Small.jpg
My son with some of the trash he picks up ....
It's worth the commute to work for a few more years.
Beautiful, and delightful for anyone. You've done well. Enjoy for many years to come.

Beautiful! Love those big windows, they let in a lot of light and don't obscure the gorgeous views that you have. Congratulations on your forever home.

Awesome. Quite a spot at one of the many dazzling and awe inspiring places on God's earth. Enjoy!