tight inside neck after sizing down for wildcat


Feb 5, 2005
25 caliber made from 28 caliber
full sized once fired brass from friend who shot it in his 28 cal

Problem ---the lee trim gauge which normally works, won't fit inside the brass

tried running just the expander thru the brass, still no go

it is the same brand of brass I always use and I have never had to ream before, just neck turn for accuracy if I want.

I have a neck turner and a reamer for 25 cal, but neither fits this brass

should I try annealing then run just the expander thru it?
Another option is an inside neck turning cutter from Forster, if you're using a Forster trimmer for your base. The cutter will also remove any donut that formed inside the case during the forming process. I use this process when I form 6.5-06 from 30-06 as an example.