Two Hogs, Two Recovered Partitions


Apr 30, 2016
The skinner found the Partition from my hog as well as the one from daughter's hog

Both were 140 grain. Mine from a 6.5 PRC and hers from a 7mm-08. The PRC shot was about 20 yards and the 7-08 at about 75 yards, so both were carrying quite a bit of their speed..Both were found under the hide after punching through both shoulders on the hogs, both hogs were right at the 300 lb mark. Her hog just collapsed and twitched for about 2 seconds and mine made it about 20 feet and kicked for about 10 seconds..

Seems these two partitions did exactly as they were designed to do:


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Excellent recovery on both bullets. Good intel for those of us focused on terminal performance.
I honestly have never thought about trying to recover a bullet from a hog I’ve zapped.

I always shoot them in the head and that part just gets dropped in the gut bucket with the hide.

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SJB358":209mkcwq said:
Very nice..

Man, them hogs are tough on bullets!
Yea, these were caked in mud then has to pass through the shield, hide, fat, and shoulder blade.

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Gotta love a Partition! They’ve been getting it done in style for a long time and remain the standard by which all others are judged!
Found a sow in heat one deer season, she had several big boars tending, they were in bad young pine plantations thickets ,
I crawled around on my hands and knees for 2 days to kill those boars , ended up killing 4 huge old boars with 7mm-08 with 140 Accubonds on top of Varget , no shots were over 15 yards, one was 8 or 10 feet .

Boars had thick heavy shields and not one bullet exited and you just had to pull the trigger when you seen hair .

I'm not sure I would have attempted that with any other bullet ,
They call it a "poor mans cape Buffalo hunt" , not sure about that but it sure made your heart race a bit.

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My closest shot was less than 10y on boar, too.
In the open and they were facing me without seeing me at night.

I wondered for a moment thinking: what happens if the run straight on?
Thinking ended when one turned broadside...
Those shields can absorb quite some energy and it can close like rubber, even on the exit side making tracking challenging

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Here are 2 from that 2 days ,

My trusty 7mm-08 Tikka

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