Dec 11, 2010
I really don't know how to put this but about three month ago, I could no longer log onto the Ruger,com forum. I'been on there well almost from when it started up About a week ago, the same thing happened with the Handloaders Bench.. Just now, not five minute ago it happened with the 24 Hour Campfire. I've been on those sites for years. I took my computer to where I bought, an Apple shop and they dickeyed with it for about an hour and said it was fine. Didn't do any virus checks or malware checks. Guess I'll be paying them a visit again tomorrow. Guess you could call this a heads up. If I disappear, you know why.
Paul B.
Paul, I just logged in to them fine. You may want them to check to see if there has been an update to your anti-virus software that is causing the problem.
I've been working with computers since my days of graduate study. I even built my first two computers shortly after we arrived here in Canada in 1980. They are a mystery, and they do require that you stay abreast of the changes that are constantly taking place. The software is an even more irritating problem at times. For the most part, they work well. When they don't, it can be the most irritating situation.