Went to Sportsmen's Warehouse today.


Dec 11, 2010
Went to Sportsmen's Warehouse today. I won't say the shelves were bare but it was worst than the Obama panic. The crowd at the gun counter was two deep. I was hoping to find an 8 pounder of Unique as I'm loading up a large batch of .44s, Spl. and Mag. plus 45 Colt and my supply is getting quite low. Well, maybe some bullet. I've been wanting to load some ammo for my M1 Carbine. Nada! The still had handgun ammo but it was well picked over so I decided, to heck with it and came home. I won't be going to the store for groceries for at least another two or three days and figure probably most shelves will be bare.
Frankly, I blame our MSM for creating the panic. They have abused their so called right to free speech doing the equivalent of hollering our fire in a crowed theater. So how can they be punished? Should the perpetrators of the panic be sent to prison? Did they go too far? You know what I think but necktie parties are no longer allowed.
Paul B.
Our sportsman's here was the same yesterday half bare shelves, also has signs limiting what you could buy per day, 2 handgums, 1000 primers x pounds of powder etc. Though well damn maybe i should stock up on something, went to another sporting goods store in town, they had normal inventory, and the same at the farm and ranch supply. Settled for 1000 primers for the 357 i needed anyway, box of 22lr that you always need, and a box of 410 buck shot just in case the world really does end.
I took advantage of my Cabelas points, my veterans discount and their christmas sales on my way to Arizona, for both .223, and 45 by the boxes.
I'm good on powder overall, but had just a 1/2 lb of IMR 4064 so I picked up a lb of that and another 600 primers to add to the stash. Got plenty of bullets in numerous calibers to get by for quite a while. I'll wait until the madness is over.
I don't get it....honestly. Have people made some connection between the virus and ammo or is it something else? My neighbor works for the local Wally world. Some folks tried to steal ammo out of there yesterday, apparently some one was on the ball and called the local authorities. The guy tried to shoot his way out, and I was told he died in the parking lot. I don't get it.....CL
My wife and I have been talked and the stress and crazy is going to do more damage than the virus. It was only a matter of time before violence started over the smallest of things.
"I don't get it....honestly. Have people made some connection between the virus and ammo or is it something else? "

Quite simple really. Even liberals are getting scared of the potential for civil unrest. They see the need for a firearm to protect themselves and their loved ones, not to mention their TP if they have any. I saw on another site that people in New York state are buying shotgun at a rapid rate only because it would take too long to get a pistol permit just to buy one. They failed to flunk now and avoid the rush so are now in the midst of the rush because they flunked.
Paul B.
I am ashamed to say that I will most likely die before I run out of reloading components, and weapons.
Elkman":3fx5qkmk said:
I am ashamed to say that I will most likely die before I run out of reloading components, and weapons.
Maybe not reloading equipment, but enough ammo in store.

I hope people stay calm everywhere. Otherwise people could kill more than THIS virus ever could.
Buy some pasta, meet friends online and wait it out. Meet friends online for some time.

This is not the global killer (yet).
Let governments around the world learn from it. And hopefully not by isolating, but being open - at least with info.

If the next one has a kill-rate with 20+%, we will be happy if there are lessons learned.

Stay calm and don't shoot one who just wants to talk....

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Elkman":37mbzult said:
I am ashamed to say that I will most likely die before I run out of reloading components, and weapons.

You and me both. "Well stocked" would be a good description.

I suspect that I could just keep right on shooting for years without buying any more powder, bullets, primers or ammo.

Not that I will... :grin:

There's got to be something out there to catch my eye for handloading or shooting.
Hysteria and the fear of someone coming to rob their toilet paper supply.
Large cities on the west coast like SF have already started with the riots so where will it go next.
LA is clearing out prisons. Why??????
Rant over.
I saw where Sportsmen's is buying out the Field and Stream stores that Dick's is closing which is a good thing.
I have mused: why are people stock piling batteries? why are people buying large quantities of beanie weenies, wolf brand chile, and spam? why are people hording toilet paper?

I have also mused: if they eat all that stuff they will need a lot of toilet paper. There has been no rush on blue shop towels, they are better in the field than toilet paper. And I still don't have much to say about batteries except maybe entertainment? (not television or radio)

Just musing.
I wonder if they need to use all that toilet paper why there's no shortage of airfreshner spray? Dan.
Went to Sportsman Warehouse in Kennewick, Wa. and now their only letting 50 people through the door at a time. Head manager standing at door letting people in when people exiting.
So i took a look around today as i decided to take part of the afternoon off. Found you can not buy any 9mm here in town and very little 223/556, but there is a supply of everything else 32,380,40, 10,45.
This really shows it is a good idea to diversify not only your stocks but also your handguns! Lol
Saw 3 guys come in to buy ammo at the closest Orshelns store today that are not the normal crowd. Never seen people dressed or acting like them in a store like that before. They were all there for ammo, one guy was cussing to another guy over his cell phone. Said he better put some money in his account if he wanted to him to buy all those shotgun bullets. He walked out with every box of 5 shot high brass (heaviest stuff still in stock) that they had. That store is near the Academy sports and I'd bet they were sold out of ammo. I got what Dad and I needed and got the heck out of town.

The ammo case there had 270, 25-06, one box of 45, and one of 32. Everything else but shotgun shells was gone. Their ammo prices are pretty high so people don't usually buy it there.

I got what Dad needed, plus some fuel stabilizer, blue shop towels, and Shore Lunch soup mixes. Those make an easy to prepare meal for the family with some chicken or burger added, and are only $4. I figure if we are isolated still when the weather warms up we will do some camping and fishing on one of the nearby places I have permission. Nobody said isolation has to be indoors.

On the way home I heard of a delivery truck driver getting mugged and beaten at a Dollar General in the town I had just left. They beat the driver and stole his truck. It's already getting crazy. I burned my Cabelas points and got a new red dot for my AR ordered a few days ago, got it dialed in today. I'd left batteries in my EoTech and they leaked ruining my previous sight. I will send it in, but got a Sig to use for now. Hope I never need it for anything but plinking.
Scary stuff, some UK food supermarkets have had to increase security guards as fights had been breaking out.
For once I'm glad we have such strict gun controls in the UK.
My daughter and son in law were in Wally-World with the 6 y/o granddaughter and two women got into a knock down, drag out over Mac and Cheese and during their tussle they smashed the granddaughter against the shelves before my daughter could react. Luckily the Son in law was able to break it up and get the kid out of between them. I suppose all that training he has a a federal C-O came in handy!

My neighbors keep their grandkid during the week and couldn't find diapers anywhere, but saw folks with cars, trucks, and mini-vans stuffed full with them..

People have proven that no matter how much they stamp their feet and demand "equality for all" their own selfishness shows a different set of core values.