What cartridge do you think deserves more love?

The 9 twist is a killer on that cartridge and I'm sure no current production in this cartridge has anything, but a 9 twist. I factory would step it up and make at least a 7.5 or 8 twist it would be back on top........except for those who don't like the belted mags. You can't really say people don't care for older cartridges with belts when people still love 7rm and 300wm's or even 338wm.
Golly, about forgot about two of my little darlings, the 6.5x45 and the 6.5 Grendel. I think it's because they are predominately considered as AR cartridges. But my daughter has been using that little Grendel and 120 BT to hammer whitetail.
Poor old 25 calibres hasn't had much love in the last decade or so. If I owned a 25/06, probably wouldn’t have a few other calibres in my safe. Incredibly versatile with todays quality bullets. Good shout
I've always had an interest in a 25-06, but kept skipping over it for something else. I'm pretty certain my next rifle will be a 25-06.
I've always had an interest in a 25-06, but kept skipping over it for something else. I'm pretty certain my next rifle will be a 25-06.
I am having this one rebarrelled to 25 Whelen Ackley Improved. It's getting a 26" 1:7 rpm Brux barrel.


So what is a 25 Whelen Ackley Improved and how does it shoot? Sorry if this is highjacking the thread but can't get it out of my head.
25 whelen is "gun slang or lingo". The people who love the 35 Whelen -which of course is a necked up 30-06 to 35 caliber- call all the '06 cartridges Whelen. Like 25, 26, 27, 30 338 etc. as XX Whelen.

Now as far as the 25-06 Ackley improved, cartridge this is the history
P.O. Ackley was a very famous gunsmith in the 60's. He did A LOT of experimenting and tinkering. One of these things was to take ordinary rifles in standard cartridges and ream them out to improved versions. Lets say a a 257 Roberts seen below. The improved round ------which would be produced by firing a standard 257 Roberts round in the improved chamber---- fireformed in the chamber would have very little taper and a sharp 40* shoulder. Thus increasing capacity and in turn velocity. Additionally it would cut down on trimming requirements. Velocity is easily increased by 100-150 FPS pending on the cartridge.
Another example of fireforming which is way more evident is this

300 H&H MAG vs 300 Weatherby MAG----same exact case .

Look at the ballistic differences which are clearly evident by looking at the cases alone

Screenshot 2023-04-20 083627.png
I have forgotten about how much I like shooting the 6 BR, it seems many new cartridges have been formed and from the BR case such as 6 BR, 6 BRX, 6 BRA, 6 BRDX, 6 XC, 6 Dasher, and a couple of others I’m probably forgetting about and the new 6 GT. They have become more popular in the precision shooting world, leaving the 6 BR in the dust. My BR is so accurate that I like shooting it more than the 6.5 Creedmoor.