What have you taken bear with?

300 Win Mag
44 Mag Handgun
30/30 Win (Win 94) my first real deer and black bear rifle.
348 Win
350 Rem Mag ( Rem 600) the best stand bait site gun those 200gr PSP are great on black bear. If the bullet doesn’t kill them the muzzle blast will knock them over !
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-8x57js (8mm mauser)-Horn 150,170,195gr interlocks, 180gr NBT, 200gr NAB, 196gr Norma Dual core, 170gr Speer Hot-cor
-30-06- 180gr Serria RN
-308 win-165gr Nosler Ballistic tip
-7x64-175gr Horn Interlock
-338 Win Mag- 250gr Nosler Partition
-6.5x55 Swede-140gr Serria GK Spbt
-9.3x62- 285Gr PPU SP





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I've shot them with a 300WSM, 300wm, 358STA, 416 Rem, .458 Lott, and .460 Weatherby. I'm pretty sure there are others, as I use to bait a ton in the 90's and early 2000's, but I can't remember them. Too much death to keep track of it all :LOL:

I know we had one bait on private property that the landowner wanted to kill as many bears as we could off of. We shot 12 of the 14 bears that came to the bait. We had a bunch of kids shoot their first bear off that bait. One of the 2 that got away was the coolest color bear I've ever seen. It was a strawberry blonde. It's back was a bright red that faded into blonde on its legs. I was ready for him one night but it seems he knew something was up and never showed himself long enough for me to dispatch him/her.