Who here has competed with firearms?

1100 Remington Man

May 1, 2007
Well went to my first ATA event today in Cedar Falls to the Northeast Zone event. Broke 100x100 on singles & 98x100 on my Handicap. A nice day.


Dec 24, 2006
No competition from me. I have thought that PRS would be a bunch of fun though. From what I see it looks like a bunch of rounds and using hunting sorta rifles.

Other than the 1000's of rounds I shot as a Marine on a bunch of CQB courses and such, I haven't ever competed in anything that was really formal. Oh, and qualifying with the old M16A2 and M9 yearly... Those were sorta formal :lol:

1100 Remington Man

May 1, 2007
Well I pick up my club order this week of all the supplies I thought I would need for this year of Trap shooting ATA events. As of now all are cancelled for over a month.
I ordered these a couple months ago reloading supplies, I just hope to get to use some of it up.
Stay health and I hope we all get to compete.


Sep 10, 2006
Does tic, tac, toe W/ Dad count? When I was a kid, winters were long and cold out there on the prairie, so Dad set up an old wash machine box in the basement with rugs in it for a back stop. He'd draw the "cross hatches" on the box and then tell me to "pick my box- and put a hole in it". If you hit your called shot you got to shoot again. Don't recall that I ever won, but I couldn't have been more than ten, and he didn't have much time... still remember. I'm the winner, CL


Jun 19, 2011
Interesting read. I would have thought more people would have gravitated towards NRL, PRS, ELR or even NRL22 style sports. Or even the one day hunter class matches these same Match Directors put on now a days since these field match events help with making training better.

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
longrangehunter":11ccnm97 said:
Interesting read. I would have thought more people would have gravitated towards NRL, PRS, ELR or even NRL22 style sports. Or even the one day hunter class matches these same Match Directors put on now a days since these field match events help with making training better.

Ya - I think a lot of folks on this forum don't even know about those types of competition.

NRL 22 has become amazingly popular at our club. I'm glad to see that! And PRS, wow, it really took off some years ago.

I have to admit that I don't compete in either of those shooting sports, but they sure look fun and interesting.



Feb 5, 2022
Any form of competition? With rifle, shotgun or handgun. Archery too I guess.

Just curious, I know most of us here are hunters, which seems natural for a Nosler forum, since the company made their reputation with premium hunting bullets.

But - I've shot a lot of matches with Nosler competition bullets. Looking back, I've competed in:

NRA across-the-course Highpower matches
NRA long-range prone matches
Various practical/tactical matches

Very casually with trap and skeet. And a little "five stand" some years ago.
Did best at trap, the others scrambled my head! 😁

IDPA with my 1911
Some local police-only matches

Way back in high school & college I shot outdoor field matches and a little indoor league shooting, both with a Hoyt recurve target bow.

Feeling the need to get back into some competition. Have some options available here.
Trap at the gun club
600 yard prone matches at the gun club
Some kind of pistol/steel shooting is avail about an hour's drive away at another gun club.

I always enjoyed, and am missing it. Been a while since I did any competition shooting. In NRA High Power, and shooting a few practical/tactical matches, I was going through 1,000 - 2,000 .308 rounds a year.

Who else here competes or has shot in competition?
Well I have done a lot of competitive shooting, NRA, High Power Across the course, long range 600 and 1000 yard, Pistol, Across the course. Military Composite, long range, Combat Rifle, and Combat Pistol. Shotgun, Trap and Skeet. I still shoot pistols across the National Match Course, both 22 and Centerfire. Rifles are primarily shooting 1 MOA or less, .22 and high power of various calibers in local competition. Pistol currently completing Law Enforcement Training/Qualification. I Like all forms of shooting, am an active NRA certified Rifle and Pistol instructor.


Jan 6, 2011
NRA F class to 1000 yds
6.5 Creedmoor using Nosler 140 gr RDF bullets at 2850 fps with RL 16
Savage BA Stealth 110 in 6.5 CM
Tikka T3 Tactical in 308

very casually USPSA pistol
1911 and various 9mms

very casually sporting clays and trap


Dec 26, 2016
Haha. In general I shun gun formal competitions. Bowling was stressful… took the fun out of bowling… didn’t want to take the fun out of shooting..

However, shotguns are another matter. Sporting clays is my favorite and 5 stand.
Trap or skeet are fine. Our club in Freeland a michigan probably has one of the best 5 stand set ups I’ve seen. Visitors often ask us for the plans and we’ll.. we have no plans but let people take pictures. Easy, medium, and challenging menu cards on the five stand, and we have about 12 throwers and move them around every other week for different looks and shots. Highly recommend a good shotgun club to anyone who could travel or join one… makes non-hunting time fly by…


Feb 22, 2021
I shoot in club matches a bit and I even used Nosler's RDF bullet to win the Any Rifle Albert competition at last year's Imperial at Bisley.

One of my favourite competitions is called "The Ashes" which the BSRC shoot against one of the Australian clubs postally. It's shot with big bore rifles and depending on which class I shoot with my 9.3x62 or 404Jeff

Also shot in the Feldschiessen when I lived in Switzerland.

1100 Remington Man

May 1, 2007
I hope to compete a little with a shotgun this year again in ATA events and League even though last year League will be hard to improve on as I shot league in my Home town I won a and across the River in Wisconsin about 35 minutes from my house. I won. I doubt I can pull that off again ! But it was fun to win both Leagues High Gun.
I have always wished when I was younger I could of competed in rifle competition as well but there was nothing close to me here in Iowa.


Dec 7, 2007
Rifle - Was a member of a jr rifle club while in high school and we would compete in NRA postal matches. Our rifles were Springfield 1922 that came through the Department of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM)
Pistol - Was a member of the Wisconsin National Guard pistol team during the time that I served
Shotgun - ATA competitor for many years
Archery - Competed in indoor archery in the winter and West Central Field Archery in the summer for many years.


Sep 15, 2005
IPSC and PPC back in the 80's
IBS 1000 yard benchrest: Both Light Gun and Heavy Gun (I used specialty pistols though)
2-Man team LR tactical 3-day matches. Roving courses (about 2 miles long) in difficult terrain at times. Two courses per day, with shoot-offs on the last day. https://macsgunworks.com/w-t-r-c-links/
You have to find, and then range, then engage. You lose points for missing or not engaging targets. Carbine shooter out to 500, with bonus targets further, and LR out to 1K with bonus targets further. I always shot the LR portion with a specialty pistol.
1000 yard F-Open (284 Winchester) and F-TR (308 Winchester)
PRS matches....Again with my specialty pistols.
May do a NRL Hunter Class at some point in the future.


Sep 17, 2013
I shot registered skeet (NSA) for a few years in the 1980's, mostly in the New England & mid-Atlantic states. I also shot in various skeet and trap leagues from the seventies through about 2000. At one time I was a certified NRA rifle instructor and a Boy Scout marksmanship instructor. I taught riflery one summer in Maine at a boy's camp.

Through the years I have taught various younger people skeet and trap shooting. A couple became competitive shooters before they stopped.