Your 40cal/10mm bullet choices


May 24, 2020
I do this the same way for my rifle cartridges also. I base my decisions on the power of each cartridge, barrel length and distance it will be used for.

Examples: 40smith I'll use 135-155gr and for 10mm 155-180. I'm not much on using heavies in less powerful cartridges.
I don't hunt, but do shoot piggies tearing up my crops and the occasional p-dogs. So, no large dangerous game where I live.
While I cannot hunt game here north of the border with handguns, I prefer to use the 180 gr bullets in my 40, and am going with heavier bullets (200 gr) in my 10mm. If the Buffalo Bore 200 gr ammo can take Cape Buffalo, then it should work in a carbine on bison! Hmmm... now I did it...gonna have to look for a 10mm carbine! ;)
I have shot the lighter weights in the 40, but prefer how my CZ handles the heavier bullets compared to the lighter ones.
As a comparison, while the 210 gr bullets are most common in my 41 Rem Mag, I prefer how my NMBH's shoot the 240 gr Platinum Tip ammo, over the overall performance of the 210 gr bullets. And I'll get even better performance in my Marlin lever action! Can't wait to try it on black bear.
I’m running 180 grain loads in my 40 S&W.

Don’t have a 10mm yet but I’ll probably run heavy for caliber in it when I get to Alaska. Although I’m actually thinking of carrying my S&W Model 58 in bear country.