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Browning A500G (gas operated) question
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Author:  elkeater2 [ Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:10 am ]
Post subject:  Browning A500G (gas operated) question

I am a hobbyist - not a gunsmith. A friend's son owns one of these A500G's. The forearm split and a piece broke from the side near the gas port fitting. They brought me a crudely inletted forearm to fit, finish, and checker. I cleaned it all up and have the forearm fit. My question - either I don't understand the functioning of this, or a piece is missing. It appears that when the bolt is driven forward during normal cycling, its lugs lock into the barrel - AND THE BARREL IS DRIVEN FORWARD ABOUT 3/8" ! Upon firing, the barrel comes back as the bolt comes out and the shell is extracted. It just seems weird to me and I can find no information on this aspect of the cycling. It looks like the previous forearm broke because the front part of the gas cylinder was striking the rear of the hole inlet in the forearm for the magazine tube. This is a rare and not highly thought of model. The A500R was pure recoil operated, this is a sister to that, but gas operated. Is that barrel supposed to move? Is there a forward buffer or stop mechanism to protect the forearm? Hope someone can help me. The owner's manuals say nothing. Can't find forearm internal pictures. TIA

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