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    250 gr 9.3mm E-tips

    Since 250 AB's are dang near impossible to find, how about the E-tips? Any experience to share with reloading, terminal performance in the 9.3x62? Thanks,
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    AR15, 223, 69 CC and CFE223?

    Looking to put together a quick and dirty zombie load (zombie competition) using the 69 CC and CFE. Nosler is not showing any data for the load. Hodgdon, yes, but hoping to hear from some folks who have tried the combo and what their results was. Thanks, Big Al
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    2016 Hunting Pictures

    Wish I had more to report on the bullets. Used the gutless method so no internal autopsie. No pass through/exit but I could tell the 2 hit the shoulder busted it up pretty good; left foreleg all floppy and stuff. Once I pulled the front shoulder off I could tell the bullets, all 3, did make...
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    2016 Hunting Pictures

    Started out the new year, Jan 2, on the right footing. Glen Morovitz custom Pre 64 M70 in 257 Roberts pushing the 115 BT to 2965 in Nosler cases. Dropped this young lady in the late morning from 220 yds with the 1st shot tight in behind the left shoulder. Turning towards me a bit I dropped 2...
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    Has any one duplicated 300 WSM 165 BT data with H380?

    I wish I could seat the BT even .040" off the lands since it gives the best grouping but the darn Tikka T3 mag makes me seat them about .120" off.
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    Has any one duplicated 300 WSM 165 BT data with H380?

    Dr. Mike, Which primer? Alan
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    Has any one duplicated 300 WSM 165 BT data with H380?

    The Nosler data says H380 with the 165/168 gr bullets is the most accurate powder tested. Has any followed suit and if so what was your results? Alan
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    1911 Holster

    I've been using the Milt Sparks BN55 in horsehide for my Ed Brown for about 3 yrs now. I LOVE it. Since I open carry, I added a little shark skin to the holster to dress it up. Alan
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    Your bucket list handgun?

    I have one. My Ed Brown Special Forces in 45 acp. The other is still to be had. A 475 or 500 Linebaugh built by Linebaugh or one of the greats. Someday 8) Alan
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    I really love this system. For brass that is worked a bit more, such as FL size with factory dies, I'll anneal about every 2nd shot. Brass that is worked less, such as in custom dies fit to the chamber, I'll hold until about 3-4 shots down range. Works quite...
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    INTRODUCING Accubond Long Range

    Soon as I see then show up at Cabelas I'll start testing the 6.5mm 129 ALR in my 6.5x47 Lapua. My little Pierce rifle shoots the 130 VLD, 130 AB and 127 LRX very well. It would be nice to have an AB with a BC similar to the VLD shooting in my rifle. Under hunting conditions they stack up as...
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    .300 Win. Mag. and 6.5x47 Predictions Please

    BB, For the 6.5x47 definitely start with either H4350 or Varget. If you have to then Rel 15. I've also had great success with Rel 17 and the 140's. Alan
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    .260 / 130gr AccuBond

    Looking forward to dropping either elk or deer in W. Montana this Oct with my 6.5x47 Lapua (short 260 8) ). Final load came out to be 36.3 gr Varget, CCI BR, from custom Pierce action, 24.5" Broughton 1:8, 5C. Testing two days apart was as follows. 175 yds. 717 yds yesterday; .71 MOA
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    Who has handled the Leica Rangefinder?( I ordered one today)

    Got home yesterday and opened up my new 1600-B. Went upstairs and through an open window range the following distances. The 2nd column is what my Shooter ballistic program says I should use in 1/4 moa clicks. The 3rd column is what the Leica 1600-B says. Pretty close out to 695 yardage...
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    Who has handled the Leica Rangefinder?( I ordered one today)

    I'm actually not surprised that their was nothing, in all the replies here, concerning the Leica 1600 and now 1600-B's internal Ballistic calculator. I, like many, either owned a Swaro and then a Leica 1600 LRF. I can't say enough good about the Swaro.......until I bought the Leica 1600. I...