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    I am sorry for your loss Gil, even if this was not recently, the loss of a loved one is never forgotten My dogs are far more temperamental than my rifles.
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    Scoped the 1895 Marlin

    Thank you I apologize for the diversion You rifle and scope look very nice Mr. Miner. Enjoy.
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    Scoped the 1895 Marlin

    Looks nice Guy. I still prefer to not use a scope on any of my lever action rifles, but I do have a scope on the 275 H & H. interesting, as I use the 348 for everything, but also like to use lessor calibers like the 250 Savage and 275 H & H on small stuff like Caribou, Sheep, Goat, Wolf...
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    Double Rifles

    Thank you Paul, Don, Gil for the info and noslerpartion for the "link" He has moved toward the 450/400 3", as the 9.3 x 74 does not provide the legal number of Joules for DG in some Africa countries and it would certainly work on the large game here. Thanks to all who has responded. My...
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    Double Rifles

    Rodger, thank you The more involved we got, the more it became obvious that we were out of our depth both knowledge and price wise. We have basically turned this over to our grandfather, who has the time, knowledge and finances to pursue my husbands dream. Just one small example. We had...
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    Double Rifles

    Thank you Did any of you look up the rifle April uses ( my first post ) I had no idea that they made rifles like that. The engraving probably cost more than my rifles and the wood! Beautiful. She also said people would ask her "were you the model ?" Anyway, my husband has certainly gotten...
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    Double Rifles

    My husband is looking at purchasing a Double rifle and the following IS NOT in our price range., but he liked it for more than one reason;) We reached out to April, since we know she has hunted Africa several times with one. She reminded me that Salmonchaser also has one and that he should be...
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    Appreciate this forum

    I have been asked to respond to this thread. First and foremost, yes it is a well managed forum and "safe" for a female. As some here know when I was on a different forum, it got so personal that the FBI in your country and the RCMP in mine, were notified. It is sad that the other three...
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    What does "accurate rifle" mean to you?

    I am the odd man out, so to speak ( or woman ) My husband does check the 275 H & H and I squeeze off a few rounds before we head south each year for goats and sheep. But shooting the 348 at anything but an animal is far and few between. I am serious when I answer people about the accuracy of...
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    Did he really say that??!!

    and those not shot need to spend more time in jail for their crimes. Slap on the wrist sentences and low or no bail does not help get them off the street and keep them off !! However, Guy makes a good point as his way eliminates the cost of feeding them. Oh and before I go, the next...
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    Canada have some new laws coming?

    DrMike has summed it up very well. Not sure yet whether it will have any effect on us personally, as we are presently able to carry via "wilderness" . We are also under attack form the ones DrMike mentioned "Big Cities" to ban grizzly hunting In the U.S. the school shooting will have an...
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    Light weight mountain build, Caliber?

    This will not check off all the boxes you have mentioned but t is a very good mountain caliber and different that the run of the mill. I was gifted a 275 H & H and it is the rifle I take south when hunting sheep. It also works well on Caribou and Wolf when distance is required
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    Salmonchaser goes to Africa

    I assume you ar on your way home soon. congratulations on a successful safari. Will you spend a few days in London ? Did you use the same rifle AND bullet for every animal ? Did you find the 300 H & H before you left and if so did you take it with you ? If you went again of plains game...
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    Salmonchaser goes to Africa

    :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love: I am so very happy for you guys. Congratulations and enjoy the remainder of your safari Are you taking Catherine to Rome or Paris on the way home ? P.s. have you seen any Lions ?
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    Salmonchaser goes to Africa

    And she did it ! Congrats Catherine Have a good hunt and enjoyable holiday .