162 eld x in 280 ai


Nov 11, 2014
Anyone used this bullet in the 280 ai? How did it work? Tossing it around to try.
Hi Muzz I have not used the ELD-X in my 280AI but I have a friend that uses them in his 7 mm mag. along with H1000 powder he advised that accuracy wise they are top shelf and like the ABLR they like quite a bit of jump.
Kevin did not use his 7mm mag this year for hunting so I am not sure what the ELD-X is like for terminal performance other than what DrMike already stated from a post that was recently on the forum.

Ok thank you. Guess I'll stick with accubonds and berger
Muzz have you tried the 150gr. ABLRs? They look to be the bullet that I am going to be using in my 280AI. I have had very good accuracy and they seem to have good terminal performance on the couple of animals I have taken with them.

I was going to try them a little over a year ago, I was told they blow on impact and heard some bad reports on them more then good. I know the regular AccuBond works well and am still up in the air on the ablr bullets.
My nephew has now used the 168gr. ABLRs for 2 hunting seasons and they have performed well for him in both accuracy plus terminal performance and I used 150gr. this year.
I agree that the ABs have been outstanding for me over the years in both accuracy & terminal performance. In fact I am picking up some 140gr. ABs today or tomorrow for my 280AI as I want to be a 2 rifle guy as I am going to start to use 280AI for Antelope and Deer and my 35 Whelen for Elk & Moose.
I feel bad that this year I went Moose hunting and I did not use my 35 Whelen it was a injustice to my favourite calibre :oops:!!

Dan, I'm sure that the moose was not dishonoured by the fact that you were hunting them with your 280AI! LOL
Not sure if she felt anything after being hit with a 150gr. ABLR right between the lookers.
But I did thank our Lord for giving me the opportunity & the harvest of some beautiful Moose meat (y).