165 Ballistic Tip vs. 165 Accubond

I think you’d be hard pressed to find much game that could stand up to either bullet in the’06. I started with 200 grain AB’s in my .300 WSM because I couldn’t find any 180’s. When I did I started loading those in my ‘06. I’ve since gone to the 180’s in the WSM and 165’s in the ‘06. I’m not getting some of the velocities you guys at in the ‘06, 2800 with the 165 and 2700 with the 180, but they shoot so that’s all I care about. At those speeds I should play with the BT’s again some day, even if it’s just for messing around.
2800-2825 fps is all the harder I’m driving the 165’s in my .30-06, they shoot really well at that speed.
A few years back i shot a medium sized black bear at around 75 yards with my 308 win using 165gr Nosler ballistic tips at 2700 fps. The bullet killed the bear but while doing the autopsy there was no exit. The bullet disintegrated and all that was left was shrapnel from the copper jacket and lead bits and pieces. I was surprised the bullet never remained intact at such modest velocity, i stopped using that specific bullet and moved to the AccuBond. Maybe it was a bad batch of bullets???