1st Range Day in awhile


Dec 24, 2006
Well, I had some time to slip away with the kids at school and mama at work, so I loaded up some stuff last night and prepped the range gear. I took a bunch of rifles out to try and some just to verify.

I also bedded the recoil lug on my son's M70 FWT 7x57. It has been a decent shooter since we got it, but you had to let it cool for a long time between shots and it just wasn't as consistent as I wanted. So, I glassed in the lug and let it dry up a few days before taking it out.

I was shooting a known load that has put in some excellent groups in the past, 52 grains RL19, 140 BT, CCI BR4 and WW cases. It runs just a tick under 2800 out of the rifle.

1st group out of the rifle, Seemed to have promise


2nd group


3rd group


4th group


Overall, I was pretty happy with the little rifle.

I brought out the 300WSM with 200 AB's and Magpro. Nothing really good to report on that, speeds were in the 2700's pretty easily, didn't see any pressure signs but accuracy was crap. At this point I am not sure if it is the scope or what, but groups were pretty bad.

Now, the 180 AB loads with RL19, those shot excellent at around 3030 or so. Just like before I left. I guess I don't have to really look for the another bullet, but I was really hoping to get into the mid 2800's or so with the 200's. I was at a max charge for QL which listed I should be in the higher 2800's if not the lower 2900's. The highest speeds I got was about 2730 or so.. I guess I need to shift and retry my attack point..

I shot the Whelen a little. Seemed pretty good, right where I left it and the AB's were running right at 2730 or so. Accuracy was as good as could be expected.

I did shoot the 264 Win Mag again, just to verify the zero with the 140 BT. Those were drilling little knot holes and running about 3185 or so. Just where I left them. Pretty happy with that load.

I also brought the 7WSM back out. I had some issues with different lots of 2nds. Well, I got a new lot and tried the load that seemed to work when I left, 67 grains RL22, CCI250, WW case, 2.850" COAL. While the groups don't look awesome, I am still getting my head on straight shooting the long guns again. These ran over the chrono about 3075 or so.









Seems pretty good. I imagine the load is sound, but it was the driver today..

I also shot my wife's 308. I had a good load of 46 grains of RL15, WW cases, BR2's and the 165 AB. Those shot awesome the last time out and shot really well this time, but they were only chrono'ing about 2500? Just didn't make sense. All the rest looked fine but these were really SLOW. I also think it is the same lb of RL15 I used before I left as well. I don't get it. I will retry them, as before I left they were knocking on 2800...


Either way, it was good to get back out with the long guns and pick out a pair for elk hunting. I was going to run the 300WSM and the Whelen, but the 7WSM is shooting really well and I haven't REALLY hunted with the 270WSM in quite awhile either.. Might take them both..
Actually, all of that looks promising. You'll settle in with the long guns shortly. Good report, Scotty.
I would not be a feared to go killin with either rig Scotty. Nice shooting.

Good to hear you got back and getting some time to unwind at the range.
Sounds like you had a good day

Nice shooting.
You are back in the saddle buddy.

Tighten up those groups Marine!!! Ya shooting like ya was in the Navy!!!!

Just kidding...... good shooting Marine!!
Nice shooting Bud, I am glad to see that you are back.
Can't wait to see photos and a good story or 2 regarding your up coming hunts.

Great to have you back, the groups look pretty good especially for the first time out in a while.
Scotty, welcome back. The 7mm Mauser seems to really like the 140 BT load. That may be a winner for that rifle. The .300 WSM maybe needs a little faster powder. I always used IMR 4350 in mine with the 165 gr Partition and it shot really well with both the 165 and the 180 Partition bullets and magnum match primers.

My son still has my .300 WSM with a Zeiss Diavari V, 3-9x36 scope on it. Old scope but still clear and holds zero. He does not handload and does not like recoil much. He uses his bow and .270 Ruger a lot more than the .300 WSM.
I have been able to reach 2900fps in two different 300WSM's shooting 200gr Partitions and IMR4350. You might not have a need to even continue with a 200gr bullet the way that rifle shoots the 180 Accubonds though.
NIce shooting Scotty!! Man that is a lot of different rifle shooting. Fun day at the range.
...and for this post, most importantly, WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!

Mountain Goat":303av4n9 said:
I have been able to reach 2900fps in two different 300WSM's shooting 200gr Partitions and IMR4350. You might not have a need to even continue with a 200gr bullet the way that rifle shoots the 180 Accubonds though.

MG I'm going to try RL19 and 435O with the 200's. I really want to shoot 200's out of the 300 and would be happy with 2850 or better. There isn't any reason I can't get it either.

Thank you all for the welcome backs. It is good to be home. 10th Wedding Anniversary today! Wife has to work though! Ah well, I have some work to do anyhow.
Looks like some really nice shooting rifles Scotty, welcome home and the mornings are getting really nice out west :)
Nothing says home comming like a trip to the range. (Well, almost nothing else). Glad you're back in time for the hunting trips and cool weather. Welcome back!