2023 Hunting Season

I've been elk hunting in Oregon the past few days. Got a depredation permit which allowed me to take one cow elk. Often a cow elk hunt is fairly easy. This was one of the more grueling hunting days I've done, at least in the past 10 years or so. Steep and rocky ridges to climb, and the ground was so saturated with water from recent snow melt and rain that each step was a struggle. We put in almost five miles that day, all off-trail, and climbed two steep ridges to get to the elk.

Chukar flushed on one stalk, and the elk left quickly. So, onto plan B. The elk that we stalked on plan B left the area while we were moving in behind a ridge.

Then suddenly two groups of elk came over the ridge and clustered together 900 yards or so away... We set about closing that distance. Although the NRA calls me a "Long Range High Master" in competition, I'm not real keen on taking long-range shots at wild game. So, I wanted to get closer. After a long stalk, including at least 100 yards of crawling, we ended up at about 400 yards from the elk. I picked one out that didn't have another elk standing behind it, held on the front of her chest because of the strong sidewind, and on top of her back because of the drop at 400 yards. Zach ranged her at 405 yards. Steadied the crosshairs in my 6x Leupold and squeezed the trigger. We heard a loud "thwap" from the bullet striking! It had broken what some refer to as the "elbow" of her left front leg, entered low in the chest and hit the heart!

Now, it's good to know that elk are tenacious of life. With one leg useless and a bullet hole through her heart, this cow elk staggered a bit, then decided to leave the area! She went over a ridge and we went after her, then I finished her at much shorter range. I knelt beside her and thanked her for giving my family that good meat. She turned out to be a rather large dry cow, perfect for meat.

We de-boned her on the spot and loaded her into our packs, then hiked a mile down to the road.

This was NOT an easy hunt, I was literally exhausted afterwards. Fortunately I had two strong 38 year old guys with me who carried the bulk of the meat down the ridge. I carried the backstraps and tenderloins, heavy enough for 66 year old me.

We hunted some more in the general area for the next couple of days, but I never got another shot opportunity. What a great way to spend the weekend. :) Came home with some heavy and excellent elk meat. I don't know yet how much elk meat I've got, but it's a lot! Elk meat if you don't know, is delicious. I'm a happy hunter.

405 yards, Remington 700 CDL, 30-06 with handloaded 178 grain Hornady ELD-X bullets at 2790 fps via Ramshot Hunter, and a 6x Leupold scope. This rifle has been very successful for me over the years.

I thank our member "Filmjunkie" for helping me so much during this hunt. I couldn't have done it without him and his buddy Zach. I'd have looked at those elk well over a thousand yards away and far above us and said "nope, that's not happening." With their help, it did indeed happen. :)



Regards, Guy
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Well done Guy! On so many levels- always good to know we can still "get out there". The fact that we do it with the company of friends (old and new) is the way it was meant to be done. A true stalk (otherwise known as a flattlander sneak) and a 405 yars shot- with (ILOVE this part) a fixed 6X leupold... That is getting it done! And some fine eating to boot! The Ben Gay and the ice packs can be hidden away..... nobody has to know ;). Congrats sir! Enjoy the tenderloin. CL
You guys would have laughed... There I was, 405 yards from the elk thinking... "Let's see, the wind is at 90 degrees and probably blowing 15 mph or maybe a bit more... I need to hold into the wind at least a foot, and on top of her back... The drop is at least 18 or 19 inches at that range..." Well, here we go... Press and boom, then twack... :) So the crosshairs were nowhere near where I needed the bullet to go. It was worthwhile and I've got coolers full of wonderful meat. I'm satisfied.

Oh, if you ever get a chance to meet Dale "Filmjukie" here on the forum, he's a great guy, and a fine hunter. That he knows every good quote from any western movie in the last 50 years is a side benefit. :)

This hunt was exactly what I was seeking, although really tough on me this time since I wasn't in good hiking condition. Wow... I struggled, but with Dale and Zach's help, there's a lot of elk meat here at home now. :)

Regards, Guy
Congratulations all the way around. Successful hunt in more ways than one. Enjoyed the details. Was right there with you. Thanks for taking us along. Dan.