2024 Hunting Season

Ok I’m cheating by a day: Have a piece of state ground near by the house, it’s great habitat for water fowl and a few pheasants. This was our last chance to hunt pheasant this year. Two hours walking, two shots taken, one rooster down. The dogs are 12 and 13 but still doing pretty good physically.


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They get pretty excited when I pull that old Quilomene vest out of the cabinet. Truly a joy seeing how happy they are when we‘re out there.
Glad you made it to WV to wack a doe with the 458. Was wondering what caliber the rifle was when looking at your picture before you stated caliber. Which county were you in? Dan.
Putnam, we have immediate family in the Charleston area.
We always attend the Wv hunting and fishing show with our Wy outfitting business in January.
Nice find. He will be a dandy this fall.

Had a great season this year in Mississippi. Managed to take a 10, and 9 point, also a doe with my trusty 416 rem mag. Also another doe with the S&W model 29. But the best experience was my 7 year old daughter going with me and killing her first deer. That was the true highlight of my season honestly. Now I have to get her a dedicated first deer rifle for next year, because she definitely has the fever now lol. Luckily for her hunt we borrowed one of my brothers AR in 6.5 grendel and a bog pod death grip tripod. I have to admit that tripod was a pain in the butt to carry around, but completely worth it for her being able to shoot accurately 100% on her own with no help for me.


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