2023 Hunting Season

Nice bear, congratulations.

The 2nd pic was my view of the bear from 7:50 till 2:30 when it finally got up and walked to an opening, the 135 Berger classic hunter done an awesome job at 2755 fps from my 6.5 creed AR10, the shot was 388 yards. Had a 50 cent piece sized exit
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You have every right to be pleased to0 have taken that bruin. Congratulations on a fine bear. What are your plans for him?
You have every right to be pleased to0 have taken that bruin. Congratulations on a fine bear. What are your plans for him?
a buddy wanted one to eat, another wanted a skull, and have too many on that piece of property, just regulating the population. Its a big sow, their small head does not make attractive mounts. sent a 340# male off to be made into a rug last year.
Out again today, this time after Chinese Water Deer. CZ527 in .223 Rem with a Nosler E-tip and Ramshot Exterminator powder.


Soon found this guy from that spot. He came out and was feeding with his back to me. I snuck along the hegde line to about 60-70, put the sticks up and then he turned broadside...


Only a young animal but a cull to reduce numbers was what was in order so fit the bill nicely.


Then I got all artsy with the sunset:


Congratulations on taking another nice animal. Great photos.
Just wrapped up a whitetail hunt and my second elk hunt for ‘23

Ate tag soup in Az for archery elk. That stung a little.

Shot my second and biggest whitetail a few weeks ago with my 270 shooting 150 grain BT. Complete pass thru. Ran about 40 yards before dropping.

This bull was a late season general elk tag. Extremely tough hunt and I got very lucky!

Congrats to all of you successful hunters! It’s been a great year!


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Excellent animals. I'm sure we'd all enjoy reading your account of the hunts. We all enjoy living vicariously through the hunts described here.
The whitetail hunt was a hunt I was invited on. We went to Saskatchewan. Hunted out of a blind and I saw few deer. It was unseasonably warm and the deer weren’t moving much during the day.

I passed a couple of 4 points the first two days. They were cruising pretty good and I barely had time to get eyes on them as they passed thru my shooting lane which consisted of a narrow long trailway.

In day 3 I had a tiny 2 point walk passed me. Fun to watch them up so close. Later mid morning I was bored and looking at my phone. I glanced up and this nice 4 point was half way thru my lane! I grunted at him and quickly found him in my scope. He was highly focused on me and I did not hesitate to pull the trigger. Shot was only about 70 yards broadside.

Bullet his him about 3” behind the crease and mid body. Heard a loud crack and he bucked really hard and bolted. Found him piled up about 40 yards down the trail in the trees. Beautiful big bodied buck. Not a giant but one O am very pleased with.
My elk was the result of great team work. We were hunting the late season general elk hunt in my home state of Utah. It is a highly competitive-low success hunt.

My hunting buddies and I found this bull in a great spot to make a stalk on him. We came in from different angles and the bull ended up bumping past me. I placed an arrow right where it needed to go at 26 yards and he went down quickly. I have shot larger bulls but this is one I will truly cherish for a very long time.
Saskatchewan produces some fine whitetails for those who have opportunity to hunt the province. Glad you had opportunity for these hunts. What about the AZ elk hunt? Did you get eyes on any bulls?