today's deer was full of surprises...


Jan 31, 2021

This deer has much character, so much so it is probably worth a short story and a few pics. After a couple of hours sitting on a perfect morning and seeing zero, he snuck right by me upwind. But with the strong wind keeping my scent away he was none the wiser. After a rather poor shot (through the spine, DRT) I walked up to a rack with 3 broken tines and a hole. One of the broken tines was an inward facing kicker, another was a brow tine, the third might have been the G3. I knew this guy had been seeing some action and in more than one rumble of late.

A couple of hours later I was again surprised - in his front shoulder I found a tine from another deer. Four and one-half inches stuck in his shoulder. Crazy.

This guy is going to make a very cool euro mount next week. Happy Thanksgiving to Nosler Nation.

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Congratulations on your harvest, that deer is a tough ol brute to carry a broken tine inside of him. Like the others mentioned, mount it with the broken tine and some stories to mention about it. That buck is an unique one.