.25 cal bullet test #2


Jun 14, 2006
All ready for the season to start. Tested several loads in my AR chambered in 25-45 Sharps. Also will be using a Rem 700 SA in .257 Roberts.

Used some soft sided 5 gallon jugs filled with water for testing. Water is efficient and does well on comparing similar bullets, it does not simulate deer.

Tested at 45 yards out of the small cased .25 Sharps.

One of my favorite whitetail bullets is the Hornady 117 gr. Round nose. I'm getting 2,833 fps out of the Roberts and 2,322 fps out of the 25-45. The Hornady has always seemed very hard to me. Deer hit in the lungs always made a mad death run of 50-60 yards. Used it in several short barreled .250-3000 and a Roberts carbine.

I'll drill shoulders with the 117 grain.

The Hornady at one time was loaded in 257 Weatherby factory loads, so maybe the lead core is harder than normal bullets ?

Here's a comparison of the 30-30 150 gr. Hornady RN impact speed of 2,200 fps and the Hornady .25 117 gr RN at 2,200 fps

The .257 round nose opens about the same as the .30 cal

A 338 Hornady 200 gr. FP (fired from a .33 WCF in a T/C Encore) recovered from a buck at 100 yards Texas heart shot. (Deer impact 1,900 fps).
Along with the Hornady .25 cal RN recovered from the jugs 2,200 fps.

The Hornady .25 cal round nose opens nicely.

Several .25 cal at impact listed velocity.

Had to pull the tips off the Barnes so as to get OAL.

117 grain Hornady in the Sharps

Impact velocity

The Remington 87 gr. Power-lokt should work fine on Georgia deer out of the Sharps.

2,640 fps impact

Running the Sierra 90 grain JHPBT Gameking along with the Hornady 117 grain RN. Both bullets are grouping within one inch of each other at 75 yards.

Sierra 90 gr JHPBT

How does that 25 Sharps compare to the 6.5 Grendel?

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Looking pretty good.

I have had a 6x45 and currently have a 277 WLV and a 6.5 Grendel. Medium bore ARs are a lot of fun.

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Been able to take two bucks with the 25-45 Sharps.

The first was taken last week. Watched a 140 lb buck running two fork horns out of the food plot. Caught him standing broadside at 100 yards. Double lunged him with the Sierra 90 gr. JHPBT GameKing. He takes a 40 yard death sprint. Nice blood trail, quarter sized exit wound. Pleased with the rifle/cartridge combo.

The second was taken with the Hornady 117 grain Roundnose. He was broadside at 105 yards. Drilled his shoulders. DRT

The Roundnose expanded nicely even at 2,000 fps.

Thinking of taking the Nosler 100 grain Partition and filing off the lead tip and giving it a try.

117 gr Roundnose
Excellent! Congratulations on a couple of fine deer. The animal pictures is an excellent specimen.
My experience with .257 bullets started with 100 gr BT Speer loaded in a 25-06 at much higher velocity. The deer would drop in their tracks or run a ways with little or no blood trail. All that would be found inside the deer shot under 100 yds would be jacket fragments. With the 117 BT Hornady I would most times have a nasty exit hole with plenty of blood if they ran. I would say of the 30 or so deer I shot with the 25-06 most dropped in their tracks if shot much under 100 yds and the deer shot around 200 yds or more ran. Some ran over 80 yds.
I ordered some 100 grain Swift Scirrocos for my 25-06. Excited to see how they work. Been very impressed with them this fall.
I believe you are going to be very pleased with these bullets, Scotty. My experience tells me that loading them can be somewhat fussy. When I began to allow a longer jump to the lands, accuracy improved dramatically in several cartridges.
Thank you Mike. I love that 25-06 but I still haven't really hunted it. It's about time I got serious with it. It seems to shoot everything real well.
DrMike":332nws93 said:
I believe you are going to be very pleased with these bullets, Scotty. My experience tells me that loading them can be somewhat fussy. When I began to allow a longer jump to the lands, accuracy improved dramatically in several cartridges.

same results here... Mine liked a longer jump.
I have killed 200++ deer with a 25-06. I have used all kinds of bullets but this was mainly before the new mono and bonded bullets came along. Three bullets really stand out. Sierra 100 Game King and 117 Pro Hunter and 115 Nosler Partition. They all have a great Bang Flop record. For the past 10 or so years I have shot nothing but the 117 Pro hunter. I bought a BUNCH in a deal years ago and they just plain kill deer dead in their tracks and are as accurate as can be. I run them with IMR 4350 at 3000 fps and have no problem killing deer out to 500 yards or so. I have been taking a long look at the 22-45 in the AR platform. Looks like a dead ringer to the 250 Savage in performance. I load ammo for my cousins Savage 99 in 250 Savage. It is accurate and with the 100 gr Hornady Interlock it kills deer really well. One of these days when my ship comes in I may have to get me an upper for my AR in 22-45.