270 with IMR 4064 and 130 gr Barnes TTSX


May 13, 2020
I know I posted last week asking which bullet for the 243, ballistic tip or Partition. I also posted previously about load development for the 130 gr TTSX for the 270. Well I started on that yesterday and it did not really take long to figure out that my rifle likes that bullet! I started with 43 gr IMR 4064 and a seating depth that had previously worked really well with a different powder in that rifle. Bingo! First 2 shots touching and the third just about a 1/2 inch away. As expected my velocity was pretty low, 2717 fps. However, the recoil was almost nothing. I shot the 270 and then sighted in the 7-08 and 243 and could hardly tell the difference. (side note, the 270 has an aftermarket limbsaver recoil pad which really helps). I may tinker today and try to get the velocity to around 2800 or just a tad more but I really liked the low recoil and the accuracy.

Am I crazy to think that this combo would not be a dynamite whitetail deer load for ranges under 200 yds?
Do you think I would be better off using a Nosler ballistic tip or Hornady Interlock at that velocity?