.277" 95gr. TTSX - Surprising results in a 270 Winchester


Dec 12, 2020
I purchased a large quantity of Barnes 95 gr. TTSX bullets from a commercial loaded years ago for use in my 6.8 SPC, only to find out they wouldn't cycle when loaded with AA2200 (the optimum powder). Then a couple weeks ago I stumbled onto a Remington M700 270 with a matte finish and wood grained plastic stock in like new condition at a local pawn shop. I'm a 280 kind of guy, but the price was a bargain and my nephew "needs" a hunting rifle, so it came home with me. Obviously he would need ammo for it, so I looked over my 6.8 SPC bullet selection and thought what the heck, I'll load up a ladder of 95 gr. TTSX bullets over H4350 seated .050" off the rifling lead. The Barnes manual showed a maximum charge of 62 grains, so I started at 57 gr. and worked up to 61, then packed up my Lab Radar and other gear for a trip to the range. I used the first rungs of the ladder to get the rifle sighted in and didn't start shooting for group size until the 59 gr. loads, which shot pretty well at 3503 fps. The 60 gr. load put 3 shots into > 0.75" at 3566 fps, followed by the 61 gr. load at 3609 fps which punched this group. Woe be a blacktail or pronghorn that crosses paths with this rifle.

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I have 85, 95 and 110gr bullets from barnes yet to load in 6.8spc and 270win. Looks like respectable loads!