Finally back!


May 13, 2020
Glad to be back checking in with all the fine folks on this forum. I have not posted or even visited for a while. Honestly missed it. Finally got moved into my house and got most of my reloading stuff organized. I had asked questions previously about where in my house I should reload. I settled on a spot in basement and I love it. Once I get ALL of my stuff organized I will post pics of my new set up.
Was able to shoot some this week. Tried some 243 loads with 95 gr ballistic tips nothing to get excited about. Tried some 7 mag loads with IMR 7977 and 150 gr ELDX. Accuracy was not great, only 1.3 inch but velocity was a 3022 fps average. I can definitely tell that I have not shot rifles since December. I did not feel as comfortable on the bags as I have in the past. So my poor accuracy is not really concerning to me, I just need to practice more. When you stop doing something that you are good at, skills diminish. Because my reloading stuff was packed up I had not been able to reload either. I have DEFINITELY been going through withdrawals!!!!
With hunting season approaching I am looking forward to loading for the 270 this year. Going to use either the 130 gr Nosler ballistic tips, 130 gr TTSX or 140 gr Hornady Interlock (new to me so I look forward to developing loads).
Good to see you posting. Yeah, I had noted that you were suddenly silent. Now we'll perhaps see how the reloading is going.
Welcome back. Yes, sometimes life gets busy and keeps from those things we like to do. Dan
Glad your back. Getting your reloading area set up and ready to go sounds like a winner. As for the 270, those bullets you listed should all be good. I personally can vouch for the 130BT as it gets a deer's attention really quick. The Barnes TTX have done well for my son also. Dan.