Finally back loading.


May 19, 2007
Finally back loading. After many years of my reloading gear being locked in a job box, seldom used. Typically, brass and projectiles were tossed inside whenever I thought I’d have time to work with a particular rifle and bought components, but without organizing I never really got around to it.

I did spend a week or two between the range and loading during Covid, but that wasn’t the best time with everything else going on around.

This is my new project, not a Nosler bullet, unfortunately. I’m having trouble getting them in Canada. Need some 7mm accubonds too, but once again, working with whatever I can get. I wiped out the powder specs for liability reasons, it was 1 grain increments and the three 7mm holes across the middle was sighting in a different rifle.

I was not seeing any pressure beyond the typically flattened primer, but that’s expected with a 300 grain. I should have room to go up a couple grains, but probably going to go back down a couple grains and come up in 0.5 grain increments at 300 yards and hoping to be able to get to 2650-2700 fps, but will settle for the 2600 I have if the ES stays single digits.



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Good to see you pulling the trigger again. Yeah, life can intrude on our pleasures. Looks as if you're getting for good information.
Glad you are getting back to reloading.
What cartridge and powder are you using?