.277 130 Accubond

Slow your breathing to calm your heartbeat. Squeeze the trigger to break as your heart squeezes blood to stop trigger jump. This means you must become aware of your body and the rifle must be a natural extension of your body. However, you are shooting MOA, which indicates that your rifle is performing adequately for hunting purposes. It also means that you are handling the rifle adequately at this point.

This does mean that you will need to find a gunsmith capable of setting your trigger to break at no more than three pounds. For my hunting rifles, I set the trigger to about three pounds, which is light enough to squeeze without forcing it, and heavy enough that it won't go off accidentally when hunting in cold weather while wearing gloves. For strictly target work, the trigger can be set lighter. It is important that the sear be dressed to ensure that it is smooth and breaks cleanly.
Dear Mr. DrMike and All:
Hi All.
Please find attached the Pics. for my group sizes and the way I shot .
Kindly correct my mistakes.



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Dears :
I also Chrono all shots and the average Velocity is 2847. and the variation is only 5 to 15 Fps.
The more velocity , the more accurate Nosler it is and less drop.
Only I want to adjust the windage to a little right 5-6cm.
Thanks so much .
Most of big hunting here are Ibex and Mouflon , Wild Boar and rarely Bear.
The License for hunting is terrible and mostly is Illegal.
Thanking You
Yeah, I would say you are in great shape then. Looks like a solid load and that speed will easily clip anything you are shooting at 300 Meters.
Your accuracy is adequate and velocities are fine. Your loading technique is obviously very good as revealed by your standard deviation and extreme spread. You're doing just fine.
Dear Mr. DrMike and Dear SEMPER FIDELIS :

You all here encouraged me and I am now really happy of that.
Yeah , the very good given velocities really shocked me also you know better the poor condition here as I am very satisfied with Redding and also excellent Nosler bullets...

Last year I also got a very perfect group under0.196 or 5 millimeters and a one flyer on shot 2 .
I do not like boasting but really I have nothing to progress and all are like such you Gentlemen coments and advices and taking notes on and on ...Thanks so much for your admires...

By the way , as you see the groups are to left , I only put some clicks and get them to right side??
am I right?
Please correct me then.
By the way , as you see the groups are to left , I only put some clicks and get them to right side?

That is correct. Measure to determine the centre of your group and move your scope to compensate by impacting to the right.
Rami, you'll do fine. Click or two to the right and you'll be centered up and ready for hunting. That's a great load you have there. One that'll handle just about everything worldwide, save for big things that wanna eat or stomp you.

Hope you continue to shoot and refine it. Glad to have you aboard.
Dear All :
Thanking you so much for kind advices.
I will try to 10 clicks to right as my scope is 3-10x42 swarovski with one click 7mm per 100M.
and also I will ask my gunsmith to smooth and loose a little the Timney trigger.
and up and down I think it is better not to click it...

Hunting here is very hard , I mean to get hunting license is a problem.
By the way , can I substitute CCI250 with Winchester LR?

Best Wishes
If you change a component, especially a primer when you are substituting a magnum primer for a large rifle primer, drop back in your charge by at least 5% and work up the load again to verify that it is safe. The magnum primer will likely generate higher pressure and greater velocity, sometimes by as much as 100 fps. If you are near the maximum pressure called for by the CIP or SAAMI, the magnum primer may put you over the limit. Check it out and verify that you are safe.
Dear Dr.Mike:
Certainly Sir.
Thanking you for your instructions.
I follow up on e by when when changing the components.
Best Regards
ROVERT":31nu201f said:
This was a water jug test done at 25 yds with my .270 Win.

130 NAB @3200 fps: 84.6 gr retained (65.1%), expanded to .654", recovered in 4th jug.


I'm happy with this performance. Great expansion, good weight retention and decent penetration. It should deliver the goods on just about any shot at a deer. Distance, shot angle, and hitting bone should not be too much of a concern.

This is my load for the upcoming season. With a little luck I'll be able to update this thread with some on game performance in about eight months.
This is my go to load for whitetail in my .270 Win. @ 3,180. penetrates and expands, flat shooting....