30-30 & accubonds, what is the effective range?


Feb 5, 2005
I have a 30-30 handi rifle and I have some 150 grain accubonds.
With a full load of reloder 15 they leave the barrel at 2400 fps.
My old spear manual says that pointy 150 grains at 200 yards will still
be doing 1969 fps. Can anyone calculate how much farther they can
travel and still expand?

BT's can be safely loaded for any 30-30, you just can't load more than one in a tube magizine.

The 30 cal 150 gr AB has a .435 BC and you need a impact velocity of 1800 fps for positive expansion.
Loaded to a MV of 2400 fps, 100yds 2209 fps, 200 yds 2027 fps, 300 yds 1854 fps.

If you sight in at 100 yds, you will be -5.6" low at 200 yds, and 19.6" at 300 yds.

IF you were to sight in at 200 yds, you would be +2.8" at 100 yds and -11.2" at 300 yds.

In my opinion, you have a deer rifle that would work fine out to 250 yds.