308 win on plains-game?

I would shoot 165gr Swift A-Frames or Swift 150gr Sirocco or 1150gr Barnes TTSX in that order if it were me and I was headed back to Africa for another trip with a 308win or any other 30cal cartridge. If I get back a 3rd time I will probably take my 338win mag with 225gr A-Frames like the 2 trips before and take my 6.5X300W with 140gr A-Frames or 127gr Barnes LRX bullets.
"April, you my be the only one left who still uses the 300 Holland and Holland. Everybody now wants a short action and a light weight rifle and the 300WSM gives them that, plus uses less powder, with better ballistics."

I am taking my Dakota M76 African 300 H&H to Namibia in September. I prefer it over the "stubbies" as it maintains superb accuracy over a much broader range of bullet weights. And it feeds as smoothly as if buttered, which can't be said about any short mag that I have ever owned.
John Barsness wrote about his wife, Eileen, using Nosler 150 Grain E-Tips in Africa. She took an 800 pound Zebra that is pictured in one of their books. They used Varget in her handholds.

I plan to use the same bullet and powder in my NULA for my next elk hunt.